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9:15PM - 5AM


Part music performance, part installation, ONO straddles the gap between dance party and ambient chill out space. A spot to gather, listen and share for an excursion through outer sound.


Playing on the concept of a musical campfire, ONO takes inspiration from traditions of oral storytelling. Over the night, four musical offerings will each spin a yarn of abstract and ambient sounds in the belly of the SUBSTATION.


Amidst immersive soundscapes and subtle grooves, we invite you to lean back and appreciate or get up and move.





Tickets available from The Substation

Burnt Friedman

Nonplace // Germany

With a recording career spanning almost 40 years, Burnt Friedman is truly dedicated to the pursuit of a secret rhythm. Refining the art of continuous motion, Burnt works with a critical and humorous approach to sidestep the net of categorization.

Over the years, Burnt has consciously distanced himself from the traditional formulas of Western European and Anglo-American music to replace them with something broader and more distinct. His sound is rooted in the spirit of dub, but what eventuates is far from what most would associate with that sound. Burnt often performs from in front of the speakers, in the centre of the crowd, inviting the audience to a share in a collective musical experience. 

Burnt has long-standing collaborations with Jaki Liebezeit of CAN, Atom™ (as Flanger), saxophonist Hayden Chisholm and many others. In 2000, Burnt launched his own record label, Nonplace, which has 41 releases to date.

For his first Australian appearance since 2007, we are excited to see what this artist of true integrity will bring to our gathering at The Substation. 


Further Records / Aquaplano // Italy

For his first tour of Australia, ONO welcomes Nuel with open arms and open ears.  

With a collection of releases on Further Records, Aquaplano and Latency Recordings, Nuel’s creations are distinguishable by their long-form extrapolations and spacious meditative rhythms. His most recent work, Unveiled (2016), is a statement of how seemingly tranquil ambience can be subverted towards a solid hypnotic drive.

The Aquaplano releases, recorded with studio partner Donato Dozzy, distilled the essence of Nuel’s detailed approach. The records were a watershed moment for Italian techno music, a series of cerebral productions that cemented him as a key figure in the Italian techno constellation.

Nuel’s full-length albums Trance Mutation (2011) and Hyperboreal (2016) are each, in their own way, striking reminders of the delightfulness to be found in electronic music. Entirely different in timbre, these concepts share similar eccentricities, looking to spaces beyond the landscape of any dancefloor.

With a sophisticated feel for mind-shifting repetition and an ever evolving toolset of sounds, we look forward to Nuel leading us through an exploration of the fuzzy territories shared by techno and ambient in the Substation.

Albrecht La'Brooy  

Analogue Attic // Australia

Founders of the faultless imprint Analogue Attic, Albrecht La’Brooy continue to carve their own niche in Australian music. Shepherds of the gentle side of electronic music, their particular creed is a blend of steady improvisation and an empathetic ear for the therapy of dance. 

The pair crossed paths when Alex was out looking for a piano teacher. Sean came through as the recommendation and before long the two were sharing thoughts about jazz and electronic music. Their mutual reciprocity has lead to a single collective output, Albrecht La’Brooy.


Accompanying each release with their own photos and field recordings, their music speaks of particular times and places - the emotional qualities imparted. From the vibe of lengthy rides on public transport, to days spent hanging around the St Kilda esplanade, Albrecht La’Brooy hear a living  soundtrack inherent in the everyday. Their latest release, Eventide (2016) is a dedication to an evening in the city of Melbourne.


Their live performances have the same recalling effect. In the audience we are given a chance to find ourselves sharing in these moments. With no two performances alike, we look forward to hearing their narrative unfold inside the Substation.

Sleep D

Butter Sessions // Australia

For proud locals and foreign ears alike, Sleep D have been winning hearts and blowing minds for years. Backing their endeavors with the Butter Sessions label, the local DIY masters are perpetually on the rise. 

While Maryos and Corey’s own productions make up the weight of the Butter Sessions catalogue, they’ve been sure to give voice to a host of Melbourne’s talent, with Tuff Sherm, Booshank, Dan White and Cale Sexton all calling the label home. Coupling the experience of a recent European tour with past performances at the weekly Mania parties, Golden Plains & Inner Varnika these two are well versed in taking their audiences on a journey. 

Their recent Analogue Attic release Live at the Fairfield Amphitheatre showcases their interest in canvassing new terrain. Recorded live with accompaniment from guitarist Joe Karakatsanis, the duo glide through a set of blissed-out melodic inversions blending wistfully over the riverbank surrounds. The recording speaks loudly of their capacity for live performance, sensitivity to place and the crafting of atmospheres driven by a deeper responsive groove.

Sleep D are a wellspring of talent and they’re gaining traction the world over, we’re stoked they’ll be sharing it with us at ONO. 

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